Package All


Package All, a leading packaging solutions provider, faced challenges in managing their complex supply chain, which spanned multiple ports and storage facilities. They needed a logistics partner who could offer efficient and reliable drayage services to ensure timely delivery and maintain the integrity of their goods.

“We were impressed with Canaan Xpress’s ability to understand and adapt to our unique logistics needs. Their innovative approach not only enhanced our operational efficiency but also played a crucial role in improving our customer relations. Partnering with Canaan Xpress was a game-changer for us.”

– CEO, Package All

The Challenge

Package All’s primary challenge was the inconsistency in their shipment schedules, leading to delayed deliveries and increased warehousing costs. Their existing logistics setup lacked the flexibility to adapt to varying shipment volumes and the technology to track shipments in real time.

The Solution

Canaan Xpress stepped in to revamp Package All’s logistics from the ground up. Our solution encompassed:

  1. Customized Drayage Services: Tailored drayage solutions were implemented to handle varying shipment sizes, ensuring timely pick-up and delivery from ports to warehouses.
  2. Advanced Warehousing: Strategic warehousing services reduced storage costs and streamlined the distribution process.
  3. Real-Time Tracking: Our state-of-the-art tracking system provided Package All with live updates, enabling them to manage their inventory efficiently and keep their customers informed.

The Impact

Improved Efficiency
Package All saw a 30% improvement in shipment turnaround time.
Cost Savings
Warehousing costs reduced by 25% due to optimized storage and faster transit times.
Customer Satisfaction
Real-time tracking led to improved communication with clients, boosting customer satisfaction rates.